Registration fees are used to purchase equipment (singlets, headgear, medical supplies, scoring charts, clocks, mat tape, anklets, etc.) and to pay AA County fees, tournament fees, referees, insurance operating costs, and to purchase end-of-year picnic supplies/awards. 

The registration fee is $140.00/wrestler.  In the event that more than one child from a family participates, the registration fees are as follows: $140.00 for the first child, $100.00 for the second child, and $25.00 for each additional child.  (Ex:  Registration fee for 4 wrestlers from the same family would be $290.00)  We do not wish to prevent any child from participating because of the fee, if you require special payment arrangements, please contact the head administrator. WE WILL WORK IT OUT.

There will also be a $70.00 deposit REQUIRED when singlets are issued.  Deposit checks will be destroyed once the singlet is returned at the end of the season, assuming only normal wear and tear. 

There may be optional individual tournaments throughout the season that the individual wrestler may be required to pay for the entry fee in order to participate (usually $15-$20 per tournament).

Navy Junior Wrestling Registration

ALL WRESTLERS are required to have a USA Wrestling membership to work out at the USNA wrestling room. Please do so right away and enter the # when you register.

USA Wrestling Cards 
The Maryland State Wrestling Association and NJW require that each wrestler have a USA Wrestling Card.  Click on the link for USA Wrestling Cards above and register for a card online, parents are responsible for acquiring a USA Wrestling Card.

                  Type of Membership for Purchase: Athlete Membership

                  Available Membership: $15 - Athlete - Limited Folkstyle Athlete Membership

                  When registering you should choose Navy Junior Wrestling as the group you are affiliated with.


Anne Arundel Recreation and Parks Player Contract: Parks and Recs requires that the player contract form be filled out and signed. 

Anne Arundel Player Concussion Form: Parks and Recs requires that the player Concussion Form be signed by both Player and Parent.

Paypal Payment: Payment can be made by check or Paypal.

PARKING APPLICATION 2018/2019 Fill this form out electronically, print and sign.
This form is to request a pass to drive onto the Naval Academy campus. 
EACH DRIVERmust apply for a pass, they are driver specific. Processing for passes can take between 4-6 weeks, we have NO CONTROL over this procedure.

​We will be submitting for parking passes to the USNA 3 times early in the season.

  1. Prior to start of season must be into us by November 3rd.
  2. November 15th
  3. December 5th

Once these dates have passed applications will no longer be accepted! 

Please email to and/or bring the following documents to or on the first day of practice in order for your wrestler to participate (see links below):

  • Current USA Wrestling Card #
  • Birth Certificate (electronic copy preferred): We must have a copy of the wrestler's birth certificate on file for meets and tournaments.  If you were a member of NJW last year we still have your wrestler's birth certificate on file.
  • PARKING Application-NEW FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT AND SIGNED (If you need a pass onto the Naval Academy grounds)
  • Anne Arundel Rec. and Parks Player Contract/Release Form
  • Anne Arundel Player Concussion Form

Navy Junior Wrestling 2018/2019