Navy Junior Wrestling 2018/2019


Competition singlets will be issued with a deposit check of $70.00.  The deposit will be returned a the end of the season once the singlet has been returned in good condition.  The singlets issued are mandatory for competition, but are not to be worn in practice.  Non-competition singlets may be worn in practice.


Headgear will be issued if you have not previously been issued a pair.  If the issued headgear is lost, it must be replaced by the wrestler...we will not reissue headgear.


Wrestling shoes are required.  Please check with other team members first before purchasing...there may be used shoes available.  Individuals who donate shoes to the program will have first priority in selecting shoes from our used inventory.


Navy Junior Wrestling t-shirts will be issued by the first county meet.  These are yours to keep.

Other Navy Junior Wrestling Gear:

We will bring in an outside vendor that will offer additional gear to both parents and wrestlers, watch for the email regarding this.

required equipment